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Online payment gateway coming to Kenya

A company called i360 Microsystems and Commercial Bank of Africa have joined together to create the first online payment gateway in Kenya. The transactional logic of the system will be powered by Safaricom’s M-Pesa while the settlement will be handled by Commercial Bank of Africa.

The inability of government to keep up with e-commerce legislation and a narrow bandwidth to the internet backbone has been a huge impediment in getting Kenya fully engaged with the opportunities of the internet.

Kenyan Truck Driver Found Dead Inside Truck In Gainesville, Florida

Source: Diaspora Messenger

Samuel Nyambagera Ogari

A Kenyan truck driver who was working over the road (long distance) was found dead in his cab in Gainesville, Florida on Sunday 07/27/08. His name is Samuel Nyambagera Ogari of a resident of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Confirmed sources indicate that he left Arizona with a load that he delivered on 07/25/08 Friday night at 10.00PM at Wal-Mart distribution center in Gainesville.

After he delivered the load and was empty he pulled his rig on the side of the road a place seen from Wal-mart facility to take a nap before he could be dispatched by his brokers to the next destination. Since Friday night when he went to sleep he never woke up until he was found on Sunday 10.00AM by a worker from Wal-mart who saw him deliver and pull his rig on the side of the road on Friday and was suspicious forcing him to check on him and found him dead.

According to the investigator from medical examiner’s office Steve Harvey “ He owned his own company known as Nyke Transport. When he went to sleep although Florida is hot his truck was not running making his body partially decomposed from the heat as the aircondition was also not working. His truck is a single bunk and no forced entry making us to believe without the results from the examiner that it was a natural dead. All his properties are secure in his truck”.

Gainesville township is off US Hwy 301 where he died. He came to USA a student in 1997. The hard problem Kenyans will face on this is that Kenyans in Oklahoma are not united as other states; making several questions linger into people’s minds whether his body should be shipped directly to Kenya from Florida or be taken to Oklahoma then Kenya.

His younger brother Nicholas Nyambagera who is an F-1 student in Oklahoma has little to say since this was not expected. He is requesting Kenyans to give him assistance for the funeral home costs and transporting the body to Kenya. Samuel’s body is still at the medical examiner’s office until preliminary results are determined as the cause of his dead.

No relative has travelled Florida to view his body due to limited funds.

Most truck drivers prefer independence of their business attracting many to be independent in trucking industry but lately drivers have been hit hard by the cost of fuel. Samuel is believed to be in his early 40s and has never gone back to Kenya since he came to USA. He is married with one child.

How you can help;

Contact any of the committee members below;

Nicholas Nyambagera 405 -269- 4079
Euphrase Nyokwoyo 760 521 2388
Dr. Sagini…….405-503-6603
Dr. Joshua Kigeya……..405-466-6160
Dr. Chongo Mundende………405.812-9255
Mr. David Mireri……405-924-8542
Mr. Dan Mbai
Mr. George Basweti……..405-474-3757
Mr. Orina Obiero…..405- 202-5743
Mr. James Mwangi
Mrs. Susan Mbayi……405-408-2336
Mr. George Ombachi……..405-503-6603
Fundraising Day And Venue
Sunday 08/10/08
Time: 1.00PM Onwards
Venue: Oklahoma International SDA Church
21477 North Western Avenue
Edmond, Oklahoma. 73012
Send Checks To: Nicholas Nyambagera

East Africa embassy bombings: Kenya police make fresh arrests

As Kenyans commemorate the 10th anniversary of the US embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania, the Standard newspaper is reporting that fresh arrests have been made in Garrisa in connection with one the organizers of the bombings, Msallam Saleh Mahdi. The Kenyan police intercepted a call from the couple to the wanted fugitive.

Swiss diplomat accused of kidnapping child in Kenya

Maureen Nanyanzi Mawejje, the accuser

A UN Swiss diplomat has been accused by a 25 year old single Ugandan mother of kidnapping her child in Nairobi, Kenya. Maureen Nanyanzi Mawejje met the diplomat through his wife, a former Ugandan beauty queen and became acquainted with them and even moved in with them.

She was invited to Switzerland by the couple and in order to obtain a visa, she had to travel back to her country of origin to obtain the visa from there, leaving her child with the couple. When she returned, the couple had traveled to Switzerland and she was shut out.

The diplomat’s lawyer, Ian Maina, says that Mawejje voluntarily gave up the rights to her child.

Mawejje sought help from the Children Legal Action Network, a UNICEF funded project and the Kenyan police were notified immediately thereafter and have opened an investigation and an arrest warrant has been issued for the couple.

Kenyan refugees may be resettled in the US

Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration, Samuel Witten announced yesterday that Kenyan refugees who were having a hard time resettling might be relocated to the US at the end of the year. He made the statement shortly after meeting with Kenya’s Immigration minister, Otieno Kajwang to discuss the issue.

Nation story

Kenyans living abroad remit more than US$330 million in the first half of 2008

According to Business Daily and data from the Central Bank of Kenya, Kenyans living abroad remitted a mind boggling Kshs 22 billion (US$ 331,794,996.96 to be exact) in the first half of 2008, a 28% increase over the same period last year. This buoyed the value of the shilling against dollar when the lift was needed most following the election crisis at the end of last year.


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